Essential Reading List for Programmers

If you are a programmer, you must read the books below.

Too much code today demonstrates that programmers still do not understand the fundamentals of "Programming on Purpose".

It doesn't matter what programming language you use, or which technique is the latest fad. The principles and goals are the same.

Some of these books are dated, but the ideas are still valid and applicable today.

Title Year Author(s) ISBN
Software Tools 1976 Brian W Kernighan
PJ Plauger
The Elements of Programming Style, Second Edition 1978 Brian W Kernighan
PJ Plauger
Software Tools in Pascal 1981 Brian W Kernighan
PJ Plauger
The UNIX Programming Environment 1984 Brian W Kernighan
Rob Pike
Programming Pearls 1986 Jon Bentley 0-201-10331-1
More Programming Pearls 1988 Jon Bentley 0-201-11889-0
Programming on Purpose: Essays on Software Design 1993 PJ Plauger 0137213743
The Practice of Programming 1999 Brian W Kernighan
Rob Pike
The Art of UNIX Programming 2004 Eric S Raymond 0-13-142901-9